How to Build a Life Where You are Home for the Important Things

Special Webinar class with Holly Homer: Use essential online skills to build a business that sustains your family, and your future - from anywhere. The purpose of this workshop is to show you how to make that dream a reality.

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You don't have to start a product or service business yourself, you can benefit from others who have.


You already have knowledge and talents...let's use those (and add to them) to make money online.


You have enough time for this, even if you have small kids at home or are feeling busy and overwhelmed.


Building on the knowledge & talent you already have will leverage you much further to make extra income than swinging for a home run.


There's a little-known formula for thriving in a work-from-home opportunity that means you can be successful even if you haven’t ever run a business or don’t know where to start.


You, too, can find the time to add something empowering to your day, even if you have small kids at home or are feeling busy and overwhelmed.

If You Are Someone Who Isn’t Afraid of Work, Optimistic About the Future & Persistent to a Fault and DREAM of a life where you can spend time on what and WHO is important, today I want to let you know that is possible.
It is my goal that by the end of this webinar, you will have...

* A Clear Path Outlined to the Life You Dream of Having

* A Hack to Make Sure You Don’t Get Distracted

* Advice for Taking Your First Step

* Above All, Replacing A Feeling of Overwhelm With Excitement!

Webinar Host:

Holly Homer

Holly Homer is the married mom of three teenage boys who accidentally started a blog 13 years ago. She never looked back, as it changed her and her family's life forever. She leveraged her blogging & social media skills into a full-time business that retired her physician husband over 2 years ago from a very stressful job. That's why Holly is so passionate about helping others achieve the same thing. She doesn't just talk the talk like so many other 'coaches' out there, because she walked the walk for herself! And she saw just how powerful it can be for making dreams come true.

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